MIDDLE EAST WATERS LTD. شركة مياه الشرق الاوسط للمقاولات العامة المحدودة بغداد- العراق
MIDDLE EAST WATERS LTD. شركة مياه الشرق الاوسط للمقاولات العامة المحدودةبغداد- العراق

About Us


Middle East Waters Ltd General Contracting Company is an Iraqi-based firm and one of Iraq's leading water/wastewater systems contracting companies involved in treatment/distribution, irrigation projects and pumping stations design-build projects, providing ultimate solutions to a wide range of customers.

MEW's mission is to provide optimum engineering solutions for industrial, institutional and municipal customers in Iraq.

For more than fifteen years, MEW has teamed up with international efforts funded by  NGOs , ICRC,USACE and UNDP to work in many towns and cities all over Iraq. Our services included Design, Supply, Installation, operation, commissioning and maintenance for existing and new facilities, temporary or emergency mobile water treatment, and water and wastewater piping networks for both municipalities and industrial customers.


The new vision for rebuilding Iraq introduces the need for adapting international management standards to ensure the quality of service provided to facilitate the supervision and management of local Iraqi businesses.

Middle East Waters realized this fact and joined with "Waterton Engineering Management Ltd.", a professional Canadian projects management corporation. Together, we implemented several infrastructure projects in Iraq, applying PMI management best practices.

Our Project management and technical services are extended to serve many other Iraqi and international firms, providing immediate strategic alliance capabilities to accomplish project objectives and exceed local and international stakeholders' expectations.


MEW operating offices in  Baghdad, Arbil, Sulaymania, Amman and with the support of our Canadian partner, have provided a highly effective engineering collaboration for a wide range of water systems brand names who are interested in seeking Iraq opportunities for municipal and infrastructural scale projects in terms of equipment supply and engineering services along with the local support of reliable contracting businesses in Iraq, all teamed up to produce one complete solution.

We are partners with:
Sigmainvest Ltd./ Czech Republic / Design -Build engineering and pumps manufacturing company
Caprari SRL/ Italy/ Pump manufacturers ( in a  joint venture with ALRANEEN Co)
VEM  Gmbh/Germany/ Electrical motors manufacturers ( in a joint venture with ALRANEEN Co)

Throughout more than fifteen years of operation, our teams had sound and proven record of  experience in the following areas:


Water Pumping Stations

Water Distribution PVC/HDPE/Ductile/Steel

Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Collection

Hydraulic Structures

Transmission Pipelines

Storage Tanks (concrete & Steel)

Alarm Systems

Water treatment

Switching Stations

Packaged Substations

Electrical Distribution


Diesel Power Stations

Fire Fighting

Transformer Stations

Compressed Air Systems

Control Panels

Gas Turbines Stations

Irrigation substations




MEW is your trusted partner for the water solutions contracting business in Iraq. We are distinguished because we:


  • Have a long record of experience in municipal projects, working alongside reputable partners and clients.
  • Have facilitated business for partners and investors in Iraqi territory.
  • We are a multi-disciplinary group of companies that have employed our teams to support and complement one another.
  • Give great importance to the quality of work, down to every detail we do, how we do it and when we deliver our services and products. 
  • Are ready for immediate international strategic alliance opportunities. 
  • Provide complete solutions for water treatment projects in terms of local Iraqi implementation capabilities, trading channels with reliable technology worldwide providers and professional management services.




Business Partners

Sigmainvest Engineering

Czech Republic




Dar Alraeen for commercial agencies


Caprari pumps



What's New

Extended business hours

To accomodate our customers' busy schedules, we have extended our hours and are now open later.


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